Ariel DeNey Rainey

Founder/CEO | Hustle Mommies

"My vision for Chicago is to help the inner city thrive by helping to bring programs and resources for families in neighborhoods such as Englewood, Roseland, Austin, etc. My work through Hustle Mommies will continue to champion this by ensuring that our effective parenting focus continues to push moms to be champions for their children's educational needs while using their voice to fight for change in their communities."

Undergraduate Degree: Roosevelt University, '18

Fun fact: I have worked with many of the Founding Fathers of Hip Hop.

Ariel Rainey is a professional with over 10 years of experience in the integrated marketing field. She is dedicated to merging her passions in both entertainment and philanthropy to create game-changing experiences that will make an impact within underserved communities. She is the Founder and CEO of the Hustle Mommies nonprofit where she has serviced over 500 moms through its mommy makeover platform and is the Founder of White Starr Consulting where she takes pride in helping brands create their legacies.