Chanelle Bell

Manager of Government and Community Affairs | Noble Network of Charter Schools

"As a community organizer, I will inform, organize, and activate communities to step into their power and demand that the City of Chicago desegregate, end educational inequity, and debunk the negative narrative of the South Side."

Undergraduate Degree: Fordham University, '14

Fun fact: I studied theatre in undergrad and I use the lessons I learned in my theatre classes to help me navigate life. The biggest takeaways are always say yes, an actor prepares, and live in the moment.

Chanelle Bell is a diversity, equity, and inclusion advocate who is the Manager of Government and Community Affairs at Noble Network of Charter Schools and the founder of Positively Melanin, which is an online space and community highlighting influential professionals of color in Chicago who are thriving in their careers. Her goal is to curate content that offers representation and hope for young professionals of color looking to enter similar career fields who need guidance and support.

Positively Melanin was featured in an NPR segment titled, “In Chicago, The Obamas’ Civic Engagement Programs Are In Action”. Chanelle’s exuberant personality enables her to make meaningful relationships across lines of difference. She recently hosted the second-ever Obama Foundation Summit and shared her leadership story which streamed to thousands of people world-wide. Chanelle has often been labeled as “the connector” for her ability to make substantial connections and build community. She is an Obama Foundation Community Leadership Corps Alumna and a current Surge Fellow. Her experience as a former teacher motivates her pursuit to end educational inequity.

In addition to her work in the education field, Chanelle is a published writer and actress. She uses those mediums to produce art that highlights inequity and charges the audience to take action against injustices.