Charlie Hoover

Founder | Chicago Reach

"‘Start as a fan, do what you can, and our impact will expand.’ Similar to any big city, Chicago has its unique challenges that we all face together as one community. I believe that if everyone accepts each other's differences and does our part in making Chicago a better place, no matter how big or small that part is, then our impact on the future of Chicago will be significant."

Undergraduate Degree: Marquette University, '14

Fun fact: I love Culver's so much that I've looked into opening my own franchise.

Charlie works at Citi Private Bank as part of a private banking team that services ultra-high net worth individuals, family offices, and private equity firms, and has been a part of the team since graduating Marquette University in 2014. Outside of work, Charlie founded Chicago Reach in 2016, a not-for-profit, social-organizing platform with the mission of connecting young professionals in Chicago to local nonprofits that we believe are up to big things in our community.

Chicago Reach organizes opportunities for our community to broaden our perspective on underlying challenges and diversity. We partner with local nonprofits to organize volunteer, social events, and lifestyle fundraisers in order to spread awareness and increase support for organizations striving to make a better Chicago, and expand social networks in the process.

A native of Milwaukee, WI, Charlie holds a BA from Marquette University, and was a member of the Marquette University Men's Soccer Team throughout his four years. He was also a member of the Applied Investment Management class of 2014: an elite investment management team tasked with investing and managing $2MM of the Marquette University Endowment Fund.

Charlie lives in Wicker Park with his fiancée, and enjoys playing the role of uncle to his niece and three nephews here in Chicago. Charlie enjoys live music, traveling, and skiing in his free time.