Kelly Grimes

Homelessness Prevention Call Center Manager(CC) | Catholic Charities of the Archdiocese of Chicago

"I envision a Chicago where people can actually have access to the things they need, not just to survive but to live full, thriving lives. I will continue to organize around issues and candidates that will get us closer to ensuring that Chicago is a city for everyone, not just the super wealthy."

Undergraduate Degree: University of Dayton, '09

Fun fact: In May of 2017, I was arrested with 20+ other people in an act of civil disobedience outside of the governor's office in Springfield.

Kelly Grimes grew up in Marion, Ohio. She graduated from The University of Dayton in 2009 with a degree in International Studies and Human Rights. Kelly moved to Chicago in 2009 and participated in Amate House, a volunteer program. Since 2010, she has worked with Catholic Charities at the Homelessness Prevention Call Center. In addition to her role as lead of the Homelessness Prevention Call Center, Kelly also coordinated the implementation of a key component of the Coordinated Entry System here in Chicago.

In 2015, she helped found United Neighbors of the 35th Ward. Since 2015 she has also been a volunteer leader with The People’s Lobby and Reclaim Chicago. Kelly has worked on issue campaigns, including a campaign to increase the minimum wage in Cook County and to bring progressive revenue sources to Illinois. With Reclaim Chicago, Kelly has worked to elect progressives to office and has coordinated electoral operations for Reclaim Chicago on the Northwest side of Chicago. In 2019, she served as chair of the campaign to elect Colin Bird-Martinez’s run as 31st Ward Alderman. Kelly was a Vincentian Fellow at DePaul University where she earned her Master degree in Nonprofit Management in 2018.