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A.D. Sean Lewis

Director of Public Policy | Civilian Office of Police Accountability

"My long-term vision is based in liberation for all people - a vision free from racism and white supremacy, from patriarchy, from poverty, from prisons and jails, from homophobia, from sexual violence, from harassment and bullying, and from state-sanctioned violence, and free from abuse of authority."

Undergraduate Degree: Oberlin College, '13

Fun fact: I'm a classically trained violist.

A.D. Sean Lewis is the Director of Public Policy at the Civilian Office of Police Accountability and oversees his office’s public policy, legislative, and data analysis initiatives.

He previously worked as an auditor for the City of Chicago Office of Inspector General. A.D. is on the Executive Board for New Leaders Council Chicago and on the Board of Free Write Arts and Literacy, recently completed the CLA Fellowship at the University of Chicago, and was named to Crain’s “20 in their 20’s.“ 

He is originally from Jersey Village, Tx., and studied politics and viola at Oberlin College.