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Alhadji Camara

AGM RPM Steak | Lettuce Entertain You

"My long-term vision for Chicago is to ensure that we as a community always strive to place service before systems and to take those self-serving steps of service applied in our everyday life, and redirect them back into our community. This is how we build a greater Chicago."

Undergraduate Degree: North Park University

Fun facts: I speak 4 languages.

Mamadou Alhadji Camara is the Assistant General Manager for Lettuce Entertain You Enterprises’ (LEYE) one of the highest Chicago profiting venues, RPM Steak—a restaurant with a modern take on the traditional steakhouse that features a contemporary, chef-driven menu, an award-winning wine list and a well-curated craft cocktail program. The sister restaurant to RPM Italian, RPM Steak marks the second collaboration between partners RJ, Jerrod and Molly Melman, celebrity couple Bill and Giuliana Rancic and acclaimed chef Doug Psaltis.

In Alhadji’s four-year tenure with LEYE, he has been positioned in managing roles for various venues of the restaurant group, as well as assisting with overall company strategy and profit initiatives for RPM Steak. Alhadji’s time in the hospitality industry has afforded him the opportunity to network and build relationships with key people that contribute to the restaurant’s brand, high profile cliental, and overall revenue growth. 

As an immigrant from Guinea, West Africa, Alhadji has always felt a strong tie to those who have not been afforded opportunities that may come easily to others like education, a stable source of income, or a safe living environment. He understands first-hand the importance of opportunity and the hard work it takes to be successful when equipped with a “less than full toolbox”. Because of this, Alhadji has consistently identified ways in both a personal and professional capacity to give back to those less fortunate in Chicago’s underserved communities.