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Candice Brooks

Elementary School Educator | Chicago Public Schools

"My long-term vision for the City of Chicago is to build the skillset of our youth to provide more opportunities for our future leaders to reach their full potential regardless of their obstacles. I commit to advancing this platform by encouraging, empowering, and preparing our youth for college and career readiness."

Undergraduate Degree: Saint Xavier University, '05

Fun fact: Candice has one pet, a parrot named Skittles

Candice L. Brooks is a distinguished educator in the field of urban education. As a Chicago Public Schools teacher, she has over a decade of experience helping young scholars achieve academic success. Her passion and diligent work have catapulted her to becoming one of the highest achieving primary-level educators in a network of 36 schools. She affirms that today's youth can reach their full potential when high levels of support accompany high expectations. Her professional mission is to equip inner-city youth with the academic support and tools they need to advance in college, career, and beyond. As a dedicated teacher leader, Candice takes great pride in education and has significantly impacted hundreds of CPS youth.

Candice is a native Chicagoan raised on the city's Southside. She attended Queen of Peace High School and received a Bachelor's degree in Elementary Education from Saint Xavier University. She is currently obtaining her Master's degree in Educational Leadership. Candice is honored and humbled to receive the distinction of the 2018 Chicago Scholars 35 Under 35 Award.