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Christerralyn Brown

The University of Illinois at Chicago

"My goal is to help create and develop leaders who will engage and prepare students for becoming college ready scholars. Upon completing the doctoral program a UIC I wish to continue to research and develop programs that will lead educators in providing the most intense and effective intervention for students with specific learning and behavior disabilities."

Undergraduate Degree: Saint Xavier University, '07

Fun fact: I enjoy exotic food! ( i've eaten ants, spiders, horse, raccoon, sting ray etc.)

Christerralyn Brown is currently pursuing her Ph.D. in special education at the University of Illinois at Chicago. She attended St. Xavier University where she completed her Bachelor’s of Communication Disorder with a concentration in Spanish Studies. After earning her B.A., she attended Governors State University where she received her M.A. in Multi-Categorical Special Education. 

From 2011-2013 she worked as a Special Education Resource teacher for Posen-Robbins School District a south suburb of Illinois. Looking for a more challenging work environment, she decided to accept employment with AUSL; a school management organization focused on transforming school outcomes for the lowest performing schools in the city of Chicago. Christerralyn began her career with AUSL as a special education teacher focusing on small group intense intervention. She then became the school’s case manager as well as the MTSS coordinator. In these roles, she focused on developing a strong co-teaching inclusion model as well as establishing a multi-tiered system of supports concentrate on closing the school-wide achievement gap. 

She believes that developing transformative leaders will lead to educators being adequately prepared to teach their students how to survive in a competitive academic environment, become self-sufficient, and graduate from college. It is through this approach that I will be able to provide targeted individualize data-based intervention that will help close the achievement gap and prepare our students to become college ready and master new standards. The standards for our students may have changed, but the expectation remains the same.