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Haley Hebert

CEO & Founder | H Digital Group & New Venture Strategy Co.

"My goal is to build a tech company in Chicago that empowers people to succeed based on hard work and merit, not based on status or connections. I want to lift others up with me and provide not just jobs but a supportive environment to work and grow for those who are overlooked."

Undergraduate Degree: Boston University, '09

Fun facts:  I read my horoscope every day. It's eerie how accurate it is!

Haley has co-founded and built various companies across the technology sector. She is the former head of a global top 20 marketing consultancy, and built their digital practice from scratch to a multi-million dollar business in under five years. Haley then went on to co-found and lead marketing for AirProxima, an aviation-tech company, and worked with enterprise partners like Airbus to launch new aviation marketplaces. She got her first taste of entrepreneurship driving go-to-market and crowdsourced fundraising for a 360-camera company, CENTR, which was acquired by Amazon. Haley's passion is bringing new technology to traditional industries and helping those companies navigate digital transformation.