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Joe Holberg

Founder & CEO | Holberg Financial

"I envision a Chicago where all citizens are able to access high quality, personalized financial guidance so that they can not only work towards their goals but to actually accomplish their dreams."

Undergraduate Degree: The University of Michigan, '10

Fun fact: I love to read - while basic, it's something I plan on fervently doing for the rest of my life. 

Joe is the Founder & CEO of Holberg Financial, a leading "financial-education-technology" company, the first of its kind. They are dedicated to bringing financial education and guidance to millions of individuals. 

Joe is the author of "Rogue Finances: the un-system designed to help you become financially healthy, successful, and awesome." He is a frequent speaker at universities, companies, and organizations and recently gave a TED talk on Financial Justice. 

Previously he has worked for Google, as a math teacher on the West Side of Chicago, and as an Americorps member. He loves to read and write.