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Phil Castro

Founder & CEO | BarPass

"Chicago's overall business momentum is unmatched and I plan on only increasing those trends by keeping everything local. Thus, I shall be stimulating the economy, creating job opportunities, increasing the buzz and fostering the rich culture Chicago condones."

Undergraduate Degree: Western Illinois University, '08

Fun fact: I can speak 3 different languages (including reading and writing in Russian!)."

Phil is a serial entrepreneur from Chicago who thrives off of innovation and disruption. He's started two multi-million dollar companies (soon to be three!) of his own, as well as worked for multiple venture backed companies in the past decade. He's been featured in dozens of media outlets and his startup "BarPass" has been named one of the top startup ideas of the year. 

BarPass is a free social happy hour app that organizes and executes weekly after work events at the trendiest bars and restaurants. Users love BarPass because there are some complimentary drinks and/or exclusive specials at every event. Bars love BarPass because it fills up their slower time frames with after work professionals. Phil plans on scaling BarPass to every major city in the next 5 years.