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Troy Pryor

Filmmaker / Executive Producer | Troy Pryor Studios & Creative Cypher

"Chicago will become a beacon of hope for artists and creatives. Under my watch, we will not only create an environment where artists can thrive but also inspire the rest of society to live to their full potential."

Undergraduate Degree: University of Illinois Champaign-Urban, '07

Fun fact: Due to a horrible leg injury, I went from being told by doctors to quit sports to breaking a state powerlifting record 14 months post surgery and becoming Division 1 linebacker at U of I a year after that. Challenges are opportunities in my mind.

Troy Osborne Pryor is an actor, award-winning producer, director and writer from Chicago, IL. He spent a large part of his childhood in Atlanta, GA very active in church and competitive sports, which led to becoming a scholar and athlete at the University of Illinois. Football injuries and a chance meeting with Tyler Perry, however, steered him to a career in the entertainment industry. 

In addition to performing on stage, on camera and doing voice over work, Troy is the founder and CEO of Pryor Holdings LLC, which includes production companies and organizations, Troy Pryor Studios, GOOD Movies, Creative Cypher, the Cypher App, Cypher News, and Pyramid Creations. Pryor has built a vertically integrated media brand, from artists aggregation, content development, funding, production, distribution, and marketing. 

Occasionally called “T. Diddy,” Troy is responsible for aggregating hundreds of artists and brokering production deals to help build Chicago’s artistic community. His collaborations with Oscar and Grammy winning artists like Che "Ryhmefest" Smith have landed his work on TV, and work with Kanye's organization Donda's House, Common's organization, Common Ground Foundation, and The Aahh! Fest have helped cement his place as a tastemaker.