Derrick Fleming, Jr.

Director of College Access


(312) 784-3304

When you think of style and class & organization and structure...Derrick is the man to make it happen. With a heart to serve and a passion for youth; Derrick brings electrifying energy to any atmosphere. With 10 years of experience in youth development and over 5 years of project management experience; Derrick brings a level of problem solving skills that will make anyone feel at ease while having fun in the process.

This is Derrick M Fleming Jr and he serves Chicago Scholars as the Director of College Access. As Director of College Access, Derrick is responsible for all aspects of the Scholar college application process including but not limited to training, counseling, and support to ensure that Scholars matriculate to the best match-fit school.

Derrick’s personal mission statement is: “To be a lifelong servant, learner, change agent and KINGDOM MAN that operates within his God given authority: to serve, protect, oversee and give back; while building his personal / professional brand and securing an honest future for himself and those connected to him; being loved and respected, while maintaining financial stability and multiple streams of income; and finally, being remembered for the lives he has touched and changed.”

Derrick was born on the Southside of Chicago, IL and witnessed many things that could have persuaded him to choose a different path of life. Derrick is a Chicago Public School alum and later attended Alabama State University (ASU) in Montgomery, Alabama where he received a Bachelor of Arts in Communications.

After graduating from college in December 2010, Derrick moved back to Chicago, IL and started his career as an academic coach with Metropolitan Family Services. During his time as an academic coach, Derrick was able to take academically low performing students in second and sixth grades with low math and reading scores and was able to build a program that allowed for his student’s scores to increase using an online math and reading program. After Derrick’s time as an academic coach, in January of 2012 he accepted an internship with The White House in Washington, DC under President Barack Obama administration called the Public Service Leadership Internship Program. Upon moving to Washington DC, Derrick worked in the Office of Scheduling and Advance. After the internship, Derrick was hired as a White House Advance Associate where he continued his work to advance (develop) and staff both official and political events for President Obama. During his time as a White House Staffer, Derrick grew professionally and gained major experience working besides Political, Government and Military officials.

While serving his country as a White House Advance Associate, Derrick decided to attend graduate school. He moved back to Chicago, IL and later received his Master of Science degree in Nonprofit Management from Spertus Institute of Jewish Studies in August of 2013. After graduating with his masters, Derrick accepted a full-time position with Youth Guidance: Becoming a Man (BAM) Program where he once served as a direct service counselor (BAM

Counselor) and later served as a BAM Program Supervisor overseeing and managing clinical counseling, male intervention and male mentorship programs in conjunction with Chicago Public Schools. During this time with Youth Guidance: BAM, Derrick impacted over 4,000 young men of color to become pursers of their goals and dreams; many of those young men matriculated to college, military, trade school and/or the workforce.

Derrick is a brother member of Alpha Kappa Psi Professional Business Fraternity, Inc. Derrick is or has been affiliated with many organizations and/or groups in Chicago, IL, Washington, DC and Montgomery, AL. When asked to give advice to college bound scholars, young adults and/or seasoned career professionals this is what Derrick had to say, “You can’t control life; the only thing in life you can control is how you respond to life. So, get and keep moving because you are birth with a purpose, you are destined for greatness and you have a light that shines...so shine on.” Derrick loves love and life. He enjoys the arts, having a very active life, great music, traveling and spending time with those closes to his heart.