Emerge Fellowship: Week Two at First American Bank

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By Jazmin Ayala

After two weeks of working at First American Bank, I have learned an immense amount about trade finance. I spend most of my time working online, verifying that rules are being followed within transactions across the world. Aside from the work I do independently, I have been having fun getting to build close relationships with my coworkers and supervisor. Everyone is extremely friendly and patient with me when it comes to training and adjusting to their office culture.

I started last week very prepared because I brought my notepad that Chicago Scholars and Invest for Kids provided me and I use it daily. In addition, the dress code aligns with the business casual clothes we were taught to wear during Orientation Week.

One of the Behind Closed Doors Leadership Development exercises I participated in during Orientation Week actually prepared me for what I actually do at my internship. The activity was a mock phone call conversation and we were taught how to properly answer the phone when talking to professionals. A trick we were taught was to smile when we are on the phone so it can reflect our attitude positively. I try my best to apply this when I answer calls and would say it actually works. I can’t wait to do more Growth Labs and share experiences with my cohort.

This opportunity has been really exciting for me because I am getting a chance to experience a potential career I plan to pursue in the future. As of right now, finance is still the plan. Overall, I can’t wait to learn even more within the next five weeks!

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