Financial Assistance


Lifeline Grant

Financial support provided to a Scholar in the event of an unexpected situation that requires immediate attention and support (e.g. death in the family). There is no GPA requirement to apply for Lifeline funding. Scholars are only eligible to receive a certain amount of Lifeline funding per academic year. 

Textbooks and other school fees or tuition that are required every term, and thus can be anticipated expenses, do not qualify for Lifeline Funding. 


Educational and Leadership Development (ELD) Opportunity Grant

Financial support provided to a college Scholar of any class-year for an educational or leadership experience including study abroad, an off-location internship, unpaid internship, research opportunity, or conference. This grant is offered on a rolling basis throughout the year and can only be applied for once during an academic year. Scholars applying for this grant must already be accepted into their educational or leadership experience in order to receive funding.


Southwest Travel Voucher

Unfortunately, at this time Chicago Scholars is no longer partnering with Southwest Airlines, and as a result the Southwest Airlines Travel Voucher program has been discontinued. We hope to be able to offer travel assistance in the future, but at this time cannot provide any travel assistance. We will update Scholars should any new travel assistance opportunities become available. In the meantime, Scholars can contact their Team Lift Senior Associate for assistance in budgeting for travel, to discuss other travel options, or with any questions.

No longer available.

Araceli Alvarez (Class of 2018) received an ELD grant to support her study abroad in Morocco.

Araceli Alvarez (Class of 2018) received an ELD grant to support her study abroad in Morocco.