Gonzalo Trejo

Senior Associate for College Success


(312) 784-3319

Gonzalo Trejo serves as a Senior Associate for College Success for Chicago Scholars. First-generation college students may experience a challenging transition from high school to college. As a member of Team Lift it is his duty to make sure they receive the needed resources and support to make their transition to college much easier. The persistence through college is also an important focus of the position and the required guidance he will provide is essential for the students to graduate. If you want to learn more about the resources offered on your campus or seeking some extra guidance through your college experience, Gonzalo is at your service.

Coming to the United States at a young age from Mexico, Gonzalo knew that he wanted to get the most out of his education. Being an immigrant and a first-generation college student gave him first-hand experience on some of the challenges faced when navigating the educational pipeline. He is a strong believer however, that it doesn’t matter where you come from or what your background may be as we all have the equal right to education. Gonzalo is passionate in working with underrepresented students and to offer them the tools necessary to thrive in their education.

Gonzalo graduated from the University of Illinois at Chicago with a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with a specialization in Marketing. Before completing his undergraduate career, Gonzalo enjoyed working for campus departments or programs that served the student body. One of the jobs he held was with the Center for Student Involvement where he assisted students in campus activities, events and any relations to student organizations. He also worked for the Latin American Recruitment and Education Services Program where he contacted graduating high school seniors to assure clarity and completion in their university enrollment process. Gonzalo emphasizes the importance in getting the most of the college experience, as he personally completed research-based fellowships and was an active member of a fraternity and other organizations on campus.

The key advice that he gives to scholars is to be themselves at all times. It is important to remain focused inside and outside the classroom, but it is also important to remember that we all need self care. Challenges will present themselves, but by being sedulous and true to ourselves is already a big step towards success. Some of the ways in which Gonzalo does that is by trying out new restaurants or cooking new recipes since he loves food and food makes him happy.

Apart from food, he loves to going on road-trips, enjoys nice sceneries and likes to get involved in local communities.