Jazzkia Jones

Senior Associate of College Partnerships and Resources


(312) 784-3326

Jazzkia Jones joins the Chicago Scholars team as Senior Associate of College Partnerships and Resources. In this role, she collects and shares information—both quantitative and qualitative—to deepen the organization’s understanding of College Partner schools and to promote Scholar matriculation, persistence and graduation by ensuring that students are connected to the appropriate resources on campuses and empowered to utilize them. If you are uncertain which College Partner school has the best resources for you, Jazzkia is the team member to contact. 

As a first-generation college student, Jazzkia understands the challenges faced by many students as they transition into the college atmosphere. She is passionate about finding resources that can encourage and sustain student success and independence while discovering their personal identities. Jazzkia loves interacting with people who understand the value of positive role models and adequate support.

Jazzkia recently graduated from DePauw University with a Bachelor of Arts in English Creative Writing. During the summer of 2017, Jazzkia worked with DePauw’s Hubbard Center for Student Engagement to revamp the Off-Campus Studies platform. She also worked with DePauw’s Campus Life managing over 3,000 campers that used the campus for leadership conferences, sports camps, retreats, etc.

Jazzkia’s biggest piece of advice to Scholars: Do not be afraid to step out of your comfort zone and try something new! Being dedicated to service and adventure, Jazzkia developed communication and leadership skills by joining off-campus service trips and community service organizations. She also took a leap of faith and traveled to South Korea for a semester abroad to study Korean culture and language.

In her free time, Jazzkia enjoys traveling, writing poetry, attending concerts and spending holidays in the great state of Texas with her family.