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Job Summary

Under the general direction of the Director of Planning and Development, supervises the activities of the building architecture section. Utilizes professional architectural knowledge and skills in order to evaluate, design, plan and implement all architectural capital projects for the District. Manages building architecture staff and monitors projects and consultants to ensure compliance with budgets, schedules, contracts, and specifications consistent with the Forest Preserve’s mission and building sustainability goals. Inspects construction work in progress, prepares bid specifications, reviews plans and drawings to conform with established codes and safety standards, provides technical advice and assistance to other managers and staff in connection with proposed and scheduled projects.

Typical Duties

  • Manages the day-to-day operations of the building architecture section by preparing work schedules, reports, correspondence, budgets, plans and directives relative to proposed projects and/or works in progress.
  • Assists in developing and maintaining the District’s capital improvement plan and budget that is used in strategic planning for all District capital improvements and other comprehensive plans and studies relating to the District’s buildings.
  • Provides technical guidance and assistance to engineers, staff, and other managers in connection with various projects.
  • Attends department review meetings to provide input and discuss goals and objectives.
  • Manages and participates in the preparation, planning and execution of building plans and analysis, conceptual designs, graphics, specifications, and cost analysis.
  • Manages and directs outside consultants in connection with development projects for District buildings and facilities.
  • Prepares bid specifications and contracts, solicits, and analyzes bids, reviews contract documents, and sets quality control standards. Recommends qualified low bidders to the Director.
  • Inspects construction work in progress for compliance with established contract specifications and applicable codes and standards. Conducts detailed on-site assessment of existing buildings and facilities for building code compliance and need of restoration.
  • Supervises, trains, directs, and evaluates subordinate staff in the building architecture section.
  • Confers with building and zoning officials, fire officials, and other District staff in accordance with various projects or other issues and concerns that may arise.
  • Maintains neat and accurate records, logs, and drawings relative to the activities of the section.
  • Confers with, consults, and advises Director and other District officials in all related matters, as necessary; recommends the safest and most effective use of buildings and facilities from an architectural perspective, based on the latest trends and developments in the field.