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Electrical Engineer: Internship Opportunities


Required Qualifications:

  • Currently pursuing bachelor’s or master’s degree in Electrical Engineering, Computer Engineering, or related field.
  • Must have at least one semester/year of school remaining following the completion of the internship.

The base pay range for this internship is USD $5,090 – $10,120 per month. There is a different range applicable to specific work locations, within the San Francisco Bay area and New York City metropolitan area, and the base pay range for this role in those locations is USD $6,690 – $11,030 per month.


Certain roles may be eligible for benefits and other compensation. Find additional benefits and pay information here:



  • Assists in the creation and execution of robust, scalable, secure, and extensible designs and/or verification plans for the electrical engineering aspects of a well-defined feature or product extension.
  • Develops, reviews, and executes on test plans and/or infrastructure for standard features or products by helping develop automated testing solutions.
  • Follows project implementation schedules to deliver the hardware engineering aspects of a well-defined feature or product.
  • Follows established procedures to participate in creating detailed reports and functional specifications for a well-defined product feature or extension, based on audits and information from product development and verification processes.
  • You will perform hands-on testing and troubleshooting of integrated systems using conventional test equipment, take measurements, compile data, and make technical recommendations. You will collaborate with multiple disciplines