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Medical Device Position

Acoustic Range Estimates (ARE) is looking for self-starters to support clinical validation of a medical device. Compared to x-ray radiation therapy, proton therapy concentrates dose in space and minimizes collateral damage. However, concentrating dose increases the need for accurate patient alignment. Next-generation proton therapy systems deliver pulsed beam, concentrating in time as well as space. Rapid local heating generates an outgoing pressure pulse. ARE has already demonstrated technical feasibility of detecting and using these very weak pulses to verify dose was delivered to the correct location. 2022 interns developed a clinical prototype; new hires will help validate it in the clinic. These positions are ideal for BS students and recent graduates interested in careers in medical physics, especially particle therapy.


Sample projects and responsibilities are listed below:


· take system to clinical sites, demonstrate for potential customers

· take system to clinical sites, support customer research

· master features of Clarius ultrasound probe, i.e., keep up with software revs

· fabricate a lightweight articulated arm to secure the device in position (probably carbon fiber)

· assist meeting regulatory (FDA) requirements for testing, documentation, and quality assurance


· calibrate compact & wireless radiation detector to beam current delivered by different particle therapy systems

· optimize form factor of a compact radiation detector

· develop a compact test kit for validating system in the field (probably RedPitaya based)


· integrate software packages: commercial radiation therapy image co-registration & treatment planning systems with in-house image segmentation, acoustic wave propagation, and range verification package


For background info, start by watching a 2021 presentation given during the American Association of Physicists in Medicine’s Science Council session:

Then if still interested, review basic research highlights


Base salary

$5,000/month – $6,000/month


Featured benefits

Medical/Vision/Dental insurance stipend ($500/month)

To apply, send resume/CV with contact information for at least three references (1-2 academic, 1-2 work supervisors) to

If within three years of BS degree, please also send a transcript (unofficial OK).

Preference will be given to those who follow application instructions and commit to full-time employment through June 2025.