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Photography and Media, Dangler Internship

● Currently enrolled in an art history doctoral program or holds a masters degree in art history
● Has evidence of previous art history coursework emphasizing the medium of photography
● Has previous paid or volunteer experience in other art museums
● Possesses the ability to carry out independent library research
● Possesses excellent writing and communication skills
● Maintains strong attention to detail and organizational skills
● Familiarity with MS Office, Adobe Acrobat, and Google Suite
● Graduate-level research or coursework related to Bauhaus or twentieth-century Japanese
photography preferred, but not required
● Japanese and/or German language skill preferred, but not required

You must upload all of the requested materials below (résumé and essay responses) into only one pdf document and list your last name and “AY2324” in the title of the file (example: [LAST NAME]_AY2324.pdf.). Please upload your materials where the application asks for a “résumé/cover

PLEASE NOTE: You will not be considered if any requested application element is missing.

To apply for this internship, tell us your story. We want to understand who you are, what motivates you,
how you think, and where you’re coming from. Please submit the following materials:
● Résumé
● Instead of a traditional cover letter, please respond to the following questions and prompts in
short essays (maximum 300 words except for the last prompt.) We encourage you to provide
specific examples to support your answers or to illustrate your ideas:
o What about this job description interests you the most?
o With the mission of the McMullan Arts Leadership intern program in mind, what
perspectives might you bring to this role that you think museums need more of?
o How do you envision this opportunity helping you towards your professional goals?


This application will close on Monday, July 31st at 10:00 pm CDT. Selected applicants will be asked to interview via video call after the deadline passes.

Duration of Position: 31 weeks / September 2023 (start date anytime during the week of September 25-29) through April 2024 (end date anytime during the week of April 22–26)
Compensation: Paid / $16.32/hr /Part-time / Temporary