College Success - lift

Scholars begin College Success: Lift at the end of their senior year of high school.  This phase focuses on the transition into college and persistence through college graduation.  Scholars utilize experiential learning, supportive relationships, and leadership development opportunities that empower them to practice self-advocacy and utilize their networks in college.

We kick off the College Success phase with an annual College Transition Retreat, connect Scholars with peers from their college or region, and match freshman Scholars with peer mentors to help them through the critical first year on campus.  Our Success Team stays connected to Scholars via phone, email, text messages, social media, and in-person campus visits.  Each fall, the College Success Team embarks on a series of campus visits, where they organize social events for Scholars and meet one-on-one.

While in college, Scholars have exclusive access to paid summer internship opportunities and career exploration activities.  If a Scholar faces a financial gap or emergency, they can apply for gap scholarships, emergency funding, travel vouchers, or a grant to cover the costs of study abroad or an unpaid internship.


95% of Scholars persist to their second year of college

86% of Scholars graduate within six years

Campuses Visited by Team Lift since Fall 2016