An event unlike any other


Admissions representatives from nearly 200 selective to highly selective colleges from across the nation come to Chicago to interview nearly 1,000 of our city's talented high school students in a single day

These emerging young leaders interview with up to five best match-fit colleges of their choice. Most students receive college admissions decisions and merit aid scholarships that day.  

Last year more than 1,500 offers of admission and nearly $52 million in merit aid was awarded at the event.


How does Onsite work? 

To prepare for Onsite, Scholars engage in intensive workshops and one-on-one college counseling with professional college counselors. During the summer before, Scholars and community based organization partner students have a chance to ask questions from admissions representatives and learn about college options at the Scholars College Fair.  Scholars apply to five participating colleges one month before the Onsite.

Scholars then interview with each of these colleges at Onsite. Institutions may offer admission, admission with a scholarship package, a deferral, or an “early read” of the application. Students may also complete “informational interviews” with institutions that may be a good fit, but to which they have not yet applied.

No students are denied admission to college at Onsite, although colleges ultimately retain the right to deny admission during the normal admission cycle. Students are not obligated to attend any of the colleges to which they are accepted at Onsite. They may continue to apply to colleges and universities and have until May 1st to make their final decisions.

At Onsite, you can advocate for yourself about why you are a good candidate. When my friends and I got our first acceptances, we were overjoyed.
— Mariya Baughns, '21

See the transformational event for yourself


Each year, the Onsite Luncheon provides an opportunity for our partners and supporters to witness the excitement first hand.  The annual celebratory luncheon provides guests with the opportunity to tour this one-of-a-kind event and see our Scholars in an exciting and pivotal moment in their journeys to college.  

Chicago Scholars alumni will share their stories with luncheon guests and we will also present the year's Crystal Award winner, which is awarded once per year for dedication to Chicago's youth.


Join us at Onsite 2019

The next Onsite College and Leadership Forum will be held on October 22, 2019.  You are invited to see the event first hand by joining us for lunch. Learn more here.

Volunteer at Onsite 2019

Onsite isn’t possible without the many volunteers who help make this event extraordinary! If you’re interested in volunteering at the 2019 Onsite College Forum, please follow the link below.