Peer Mentors


REach back and grow as a leader

You remember your first year of college - it was exciting, fun and tough, and a bit overwhelming at times, too.  If you are a sophomore, junior or senior in college,  reach back to help a first-year Scholar just starting this journey for the first time. 

Peer Mentors undergo leadership development training in order to coach their mentee through the academic & social challenges they may face during their first year of college. Peer Mentors must be current Chicago Scholars enrolled in college as sophomores, juniors and seniors. They are leaders on their campuses and passionate about providing support and guidance for the newest members of the Chicago Scholars family.

Peer Mentors make a one-year commitment to the program, but many decide to continue as Peer Mentors for their entire college career. Their role is key in helping to maintain personal connections to Scholars on campus. They serve as student liaisons and keep staff informed about campus challenges that may impact a Scholar’s ability to successfully persist and graduate from college.

Peer Mentors are expected to:

  • Be available – have at least one in-person session per month, make meaningful contact with mentee(s) at least every other week, be a resource 
  • Be proactive – reach out to mentee(s) consistently, hold mentee(s) accountable to their goals
  • Be engaged – provide feedback, support, and guidance to mentees; be responsive to all communication outreach from mentee(s) and Chicago Scholars staff; fill out all required evaluations in a timely manner