Meg Massaro

Manager of the Board of Directors and Cultivation Events



(312) 784-3310

Meg connected with Chicago Scholars with one question – how can I help?  That was six years ago.  Since then, Meg has provided expertise and assistance in many capacities.  Today, Meg is the Manager of the Board and Donor Cultivation and can be contacted at mmassaro@chicagoscholars.org.

Meg’s career spans from starting out as a secretary at Continental Bank, then wended her way through the ranks to earn her title as Senior Vice President of Private and Personal Banking support staff.  Meg left Continental Bank at the time of the Bank of America merger to partner with her sister and start up their own records management company.  After 10 years of building the business to 50 employees with a client base of some of the top businesses in Chicago, Midwest and East Coasts, Meg joined The Economic Club of Chicago as their Director of Operations before coming to Chicago Scholars.

Chicago Scholars mission resonates with Meg who began earning money as early as sixth grade to help with family living expenses and pay for her parochial high school tuition.  Meg’s parents’ education went as far as high school and although college was encouraged in her home, Meg was given three choices – become a teacher, nurse or secretary.  Meg opted for the business route.  

When asked by Scholars what college she attended, Meg shares her story but always prefaces it with this statement and a bit of advice – “I went very far in life.  It took drive, ingenuity, resourcefulness and much emulating of those I respected in business however, had I been given more direction, provided more college choices and had the right mentorship when I was young, I wonder how much more I would have achieved.  Chicago Scholars is the game changer.  Take full advantage of the opportunities afforded you in this dynamic program.  It will transform your life.”

Meg served as president of the Christ the King foundation board of directors and currently serves as an active member of the board of directors of World Folk Music Company, and served on various community committees.

Little known facts about Meg:  Meg’s most blessed and favorite gift in the universe is being a grandma, affectionately known as “Gogo” to Henry and Stella.  Meg enjoys the theater from the seats and under the spotlight.  She’s appeared on the Second City Stage, Chicago’s Sketch Fest and, has had wonderful character roles in local and community theaters.  Meg sings with various choirs/groups and occasionally appears with her professional musician son, Anthony.