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Luis’ Chicago Scholars Mentor Holiday Story

Chicago Scholars Mentor Holiday Story

Luis’ Chicago Scholars Mentor Holiday Story – From Zoo Lights to Campus Commutes

Every holiday season, our Chicago Scholars Mentors take advantage of the festivities all around the city to form bonds with the Scholars in their cohorts, and allow our Scholars to enjoy some of Chicago’s very own holiday magic.

Luis Narváez has been a mentor with us since 2017, and has worked with dozens of scholars and several cohorts in his time with Chicago Scholars, but he has a memory from last year’s holiday season that particularly stands out.

“I had the opportunity to win passes for my cohort to head to the Lincoln Park Zoo Lights, followed by a group dinner afterwards. All of the scholars that came with us on that trip were incredible, and we were able to embrace the joy of the season together, as well as celebrating all of the work they had done that previous semester. I connected most with a few scholars in my cohort, Silvan (Evelyn) Jerez, Megan Gonzalez, and Amy Kan. As a first generation college student myself, we had a lot in common.”

Chicago Scholars Mentor Holiday Story Zoo Lights
Chicago Scholars Mentor Holiday Story Zoo Lights

“Throughout our time together at the park that cold winter night, we were able to bond in ways that we had not had the opportunity to do during our regular workshops. Being able to connect with scholars outside of prescheduled activities and sessions allow for a different type of interaction to take place, as well as to find out more about each other. This reaffirmed my commitment to support my scholars to the best of my ability.

Out of this experience, today, I’m still in close contact with Megan and meet frequently near the campus of the University of Illinois at Chicago, where she currently goes to school. The bond that formed during this festive activity allowed me to get to know her at a different level, and I’m even in conversation with her parents as well. I’m so grateful for opportunities like the mentorship program at Chicago Scholars, which has allowed me to give back to my community, as well as helping to give other first-generation students a chance at a bright future.”

Interested in becoming a mentor with us after reading Luis’ story? You’re in luck! Our mentorship program will be accepting new applications for mentors for the incoming Chicago Scholars class of 2029, and we’d love to have you!

Head over to the mentor info page to learn more HERE, or register for an upcoming mentorship Open House in early 2024 HERE