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Our work is centered on our Scholars, but it doesn’t stop with them. We’re dedicated to creating a sense of belonging that extends past our Scholars and Alumni to the rest of the city and the world.


Chicago Scholars focuses on fostering economic mobility, leadership skills, and a sense of belonging.”

– Mosea Esaias | Class of 2017 | MBA Candidate

 “[They] provided me with resources, training, and opportunities to successfully apply to college, graduate, and embark on my professional career. My involvement with Chicago Scholars reinforced the importance of resilience, strategic thinking, and the value of community—competencies which were indispensable along my journey to business school and beyond.”

Christeena Jojo | Class of 2022

“Chicago Scholars has so many resources that are just put out in front of you.”

Hear Christeena Jojo talk about her journey from a Chicago Scholar to a future medical student.


“I am proud that Chicago Scholars has prepared me to succeed in college despite the challenges I may have faced along the way.”

-Saul Peralta | Class of 2022 | Loyola University Chicago

“I am more encouraged than ever to succeed in school and I owe it all to Chicago Scholars. I know if any future problems persist, I can count on them to guide me through any roadblocks.”

Paula Daniliuc | Class of 2006 | Harvard University

“Getting a mentor has been a defining experience.”

“And to this day we stay in touch. She was so instrumental in my journey to college. She helped read all my college applications. I had the fortune to get accepted into Harvard, thanks to all that support.”


“Chicago Scholars opens the door wide so Scholars can see the world.”

-Lovey Marshall | Mentor | Assistant Director for Residence Life, Selection & Training at University of Illinois Chicago

“From my Scholars, I have learned that they desire to impact the world through change and advocacy for the betterment of all. Young people who are still in high school and headed into college see the future and how they can impact it….That is amazing.”   

D.V. Willams | Class of 2000

“The greatest gift I got from Chicago Scholars was friendship.”

Listen to D.V. Williams talk about how Chicago Scholars put him on the path to the executive team at