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Supply Management Summer Intern 2024

As a Supply Management Intern, you will be provided with opportunities to develop an understanding of John Deere’s products and services, establish a network of people to support personal and professional growth, and gain experience with entry-level sourcing, the Enterprise Product Delivery Process (EPDP), and the Enterprise Order Fulfillment Process (EOFP). You may also:

  • Provide support to the development and execution of strategies and contracts for commodities of lower value and less complexity
  • Assist with cost models, make vs. buy studies, spend analysis, invoice issue resolution and other data analyses
  • Work with Strategic Sourcing to address chronic supplier performance issues and/or validation of suppliers during early supplier selection process as part of Enterprise Product Delivery Process (EPDP)
  • Make use of Achieving Excellence process to manage the supplier’s performance


  • Sophomore or Junior pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Supply Chain Management, Production Operation Management, Distribution Management, Production Planning, Purchasing, Transportation/Logistics, Industrial Engineering or related degree or Senior pursuing Masters in Business Administration.
  • Minimum cumulative GPA required of 3.0 on a 4.0 scale.