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Scholarships 101

As part of Chicago Scholars, students in our program have access to a host of exclusive scholarship opportunities and resources.

With March deadlines quickly approachingwe want to remind everyone of these scholarship opportunities, which are only open for students in Chicago Scholars or which favor participation in Chicago Scholars in order to apply. If you are a Chicago Scholar or know a Scholar, please take advantage of these excellent opportunities and consider an application today.

To find scholarships that would be a great match, please take a look at our flowchart. Read below to learn more from previous recipients of these and other scholarships that you will find linked on our webpage.

Check out our Scholarships for Chicago Scholars page for application links and more information about these and other exciting scholarships!


“The Elevating Futures Scholarship has really given me the opportunity to focus on my academics as an engineering student at Purdue University while keeping the stress of financial burdens low my first year of college. I am grateful the EF scholarship caters to STEM majors and allows us to expose ourselves as scholars to our communities. This is a scholarship for anyone passionate about making a difference in the world through innovation and hard work. I definitely encourage fellow STEM students to apply!” —Chicago Scholar Sabine Hernandez

“The Elevating Futures Scholarship has really helped me by supporting me financially and enabling me to further pursue a bachelor’s degree in business administration and management at Loyola University Chicago!” —Chicago Scholar Axel Hernandez

“To be a part of the Wentchner Scholars Program, it means being someone who’s passionate about learning, and not just learning, but using that knowledge for good, and making sure you give back to the community. This program definitely helps me mend the financial gap that was going to lead me to having to take out loans when it came to choosing a school.” —Chicago Scholar Julia Bafia

“Because of the Renaissance Scholarship, I get to focus on my studies and other school opportunities instead of having to worry about loans.” —Chicago Scholar Peter Podobinski

“Howard was my first choice, but I was almost unable to go because of financial restrictions. Then I got the Renaissance Scholarship which took a weight off. I decided on Howard an hour before the decision deadline, and I’m really happy I did!” —Chicago Scholar Kayla Cain

If you are a Scholar with a question about CS Scholarships, or if you are interested in sponsoring a scholarship for our students, please contact us at