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Meet the Scholar: Melissa Sharp, Class of 2016

Northwestern University, Class of 2016

As a first generation college student, Melissa lacked the guidance she needed to navigagte the college search and application process. As a high school junior, she applied to and was accepted into the Chicago Scholars program. Through Chicago Scholars, she applied to Northwestern University was accepted at the Chicago Scholars Onsite College Admissions Forum.  This fall, she will enter the University of Iowa Law School Class of 2019 with a full tuition scholarship.  Melissa says:

“Having the connections at Chicago Scholars to be able to take advantage of job and internship opportunities not only allowed me to pay for a lot of expenses during college, but also to connect to a legal internship that solidified my interest in law. I also got an amazing career mentor that helps me constantly; searching for schools, talking through opportunities, and bringing me back to earth when things are just insane.


Melissa’s Vision for the Future  

In June, Melissa is looking forward to being the first person in her family to graduate college. She plans to graduate from law school in 2019 and hopes to find a career in the legal field. In addition to paying off her student loans, getting married and starting a family, Melissa plans to make a difference in the lives of Chicago’s youth by coming back to Chicago Scholars as a mentor.

“I hope to be able to continue giving back to Chicago Scholars, through peer mentoring, collaboration to create and improve Chicago Scholars initiatives, and perhaps one day create a new partnership in order to help more and more Chicago Public School students graduate high school, move on to college and graduate, and figure out what they want to do in life.  In particular, I want to provide the level of support, encouragement, and mentorship that I have received in my years as a scholar.

About Melissa

Melissa graduated from Northside College Preparatory Class of 2012. Through the Chicago Scholars application process and Onsite College Admissions Forum, she was accepted into Northwestern University and matriculated to the Class of 2016. In June, Melissa will graduate with a B.A. in Economics with a double major in Legal Studies and a minor in French.

Melissa completed a summer internship with Chicago Scholars partner Goldberg Kohn, which not only helped her to affirm her interest in pursuing a career in law, but also helped her to prepare for and apply to law school. She recently accepted a full tuition scholarship to the University of Iowa College of Law, and will matriculate as part of the Class of 2019.

As one of the first Chicago Scholars Peer Mentor Coordinators, Melissa has coached more than 30 peer mentors and mentees this past year.

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