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Meet the Scholar: Stacey Kennedy, Class of 2010

City Colleges of Chicago, Career Counseling
University of Chicago, 2010
Adler School of Professional Psychology 2012

“I have the courage, education, and ability to help change the world.”

Stacey’s resilience has positioned her for success beyond the many challenges during her academic career. While in school she dealt with health difficulties that often prevented her from attending, but even in the hospital she says, “ I was determined to move forward with my education. I knew I could not do it all by myself so I made sure I had a plan in place to ensure I could make my academic dreams come true.  It was all because of Chicago Scholars, who was there throughout my college experience. I not only completed college but also excelled into graduate school.”

“I am a better person because of Chicago Scholars. Chicago Scholars asked me what my goals were, and then gave me the tools and the mentoring to reach those goals. Chicago Scholars was one of my guides, a consistent support that was always available during my academic journey. Today, I have the courage, education, and ability to help change the world because Chicago Scholars took the time, effort and true dedication to help change me for the better.”

Stacey’s Vision for the future

I want to continue being a change agent of support and be involved in programs which help our young people excel through the avenues of education and counseling. Which will introduce young people to a life, which extends beyond their own backyard.”

Today, Stacey works as a Career Counselor for the City Colleges of Chicago and hopes to continue working with organizations whose goal is to help first-generation students break barriers in education and job markets.