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Meet the Scholar: Tony Liang, Class of 2014

Tony Liang, Senior Analyst, Northern Trust University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, Class of 2014 Curie Metro High School

From first generation Scholar to career driven all-star.  Tony Liang has barely scratched the surface. Tony’s will to succeed further in his career is now is ultimate goal and with the help of Chicago Scholar’s network he will be able to continue to strengthen and diversify his goals as a young professional.

Being a recent graduate, Tony’s focus is to learn and gain as much experience so that he can be in a position to take on larger roles and more responsibilities. A native of Chicago’s Bridgeport neighborhood it was not easy for him and his family.

“I came from a family that doesn’t understand English and being the first child to go to college, I was very lucky to have Chicago Scholars behind me through college and into my career.

That is why Chicago Scholars has been a much needed support group for me for a number of reasons. One reason was their extensive knowledge when I was applying to colleges. Chicago Scholars kept me on track and guided me every step of the way. Another reason was being able to meet amazing other Scholars that had the same, if not more, determination and ambition to succeed against all odds. Lastly, Chicago Scholar’s career guidance and their tenacity to keep in touch and inform Scholars about various opportunities is definitely what makes me view this organization as my friend, mentor and family.” 

Today, Tony’s goal is to continue to gain a competitive advantage over his peers, and to pass the CFA level 1 course. While working at Northern Trust as a Senior Analyst, Tony is also lifting up the next generation of leaders behind him by mentoring his  own group of Chicago Scholars who are all taking the path once walked.

Just like Tony, hundreds of other Chicago Scholar alumni all choose Chicago as their path to career success after college, and they are all contributing to the empowerment of the next generation. Our Chicago Scholars Alum are a part of a community that will forever strengthen and diversify Chicago’s workforce.