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Torrence Sorrell, Class of 2015

Determined, passionate, and diligent, are just a few words that can describe Torrence Sorrell, Chicago Scholar class of 2015.  This recent graduate of the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign majored in Journalism is determined to make a huge impact in his community. Growing up on the west side in the Austin neighborhood, he had many obstacles to overcome, which eventually moved is family to the Elmwood Park area.  When Torrence joined Chicago Scholars, he said he instantly felt like he was a part of a bigger community. He says getting to bond with his mentors and the other scholars in his group were some of the best times he has spent since becoming a Chicago Scholar. “I still keep in contact with my mentor and fellow scholars in my cohort! We call ourselves the “College Bound Crew” and we truly are a family.”

The workshops and support from Chicago Scholars also allowed Torrence to be ahead of the competition by putting in work during the summer of his senior year in high school, thus helping him getting accepted into his top choice colleges earlier than many of his classmates.  That drive and diligence has stayed with Torrence through his college years. “As the first to go away to college in my family, instead of feeling alone, I knew Chicago Scholars would always be there for me.”

While in college as he anchored and produce a sports radio talk show, worked at the Residence Hall Library at UIUC, and co-edited for the National Association, all while maintaining a 3.5 GPA. His dream is to become a sports update anchor on the radio and we at Chicago Scholars know that he is well on his way to achieving his dreams.

Torrence’s advice for other students is that they should definitely join Chicago Scholars because it’s the perfect way to get ahead of the game so you won’t stress in your senior year. He also wants scholars to know that they can do anything they set their minds to and should never feel discouraged for any reason. “Statistics say I shouldn’t have been able to get into U of I with a 19 on my ACT. They also say it’s extremely difficult for African-American males who went to a Chicago Public School to graduate in four-years. 

Torrence recently finished an interview with CBS Sports Radio, whom he interned for last summer. He is also currently interning for the Midwest Professional Basketball Association (MPBA), a minor basketball league that has several connections to the National Basketball Association (NBA). He is excited to graduate next year and begin his career.