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Intern highlight: Andrea Esperon

Hello! My name is Andrea Regina Esperon, and I am a rising Junior at Boston University majoring in Public Relations (Class of 2025).

I started my journey at Chicago Scholars as a Scholar. Within my first couple weeks in the program, I learned one important lesson that has stayed with me ever since. My Year 1 Mentors taught me to always seize an opportunity thrown at you, even if it means taking risks. Their lesson that ‘life is too short’ really stood out to me and I’ve adopted this mentality in everything I do. During my senior year of high school, I was a part of the Chicago Scholars Ambassadors program, and formed part of the social media and marketing committee. As a member, I learned how to use media and technology to promote the Chicago Scholars program to the Chicagoland community.

When researching internships, I was looking for something that embodied the same level of collaboration and intensity as the Ambassador program. That is when I found the Chicago Scholars Mentorship and Coaching Internship. Being an Intern, this past summer has taught me how to navigate a professional work environment, the importance of team building, and the power of the Chicago Scholars Core Values. I’ve learned how to use my creativity to benefit and build relationships between the Scholars, Mentors, and Staff.

Chicago Scholars has been a huge part of my life. To name a few, the Mentors and program has provided me with much needed support in the college application process and transition to college. I am beyond grateful for all my experiences and cannot wait for what the future of Chicago Scholars holds.