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Meet the Marketing & Communications Intern – Aniyah Davies, CS Class of 2026

Mosea Esaias, CS Class of 2017, is an MBA student at our first graduate school partner, University of Chicago Booth School of Business.
Mosea Esaias

Meet Aniyah Davies, the new Marketing & Communications Intern with Chicago Scholars! Aniyah is a Chicago Scholar from the Class of 2026, currently attending Kent State University

We spoke with Aniyah about her experience as a Scholar so far, what she’s excited to learn in this internship, and what advice she has for younger students looking to start their first internship. Read on for her responses!

First, can you tell us a bit about yourself and your background?

“Hi, I’m Aniyah Davies, a Chicago native and Chicago Scholars alum! I’m currently studying Fashion Merchandising at Kent State with minors in both Business and Fashion Media. I chose Kent State not only for its amazing fashion program but also because it felt like home when I visited, and it offered many ways to get involved. My love for marketing and advertising grew during my time as Editor-in-Chief of The Element Magazine and while working as a freelance graphic designer. As I’ve picked up more skills on my own, I’m excited to dive into marketing in different businesses and gain some real-world experience.”

What’s your experience as a Chicago Scholar been like so far?

“During my time as a Chicago Scholar, I had the opportunity to grow and become more independent. In college, I’ve had two internships thanks to Chicago Scholars, which have not only given me amazing friends and connections, but have also provided me with a diverse set of skills that I can take with me anywhere, such as networking, time management, and teamwork.”

 What made you want to work with the Chicago Scholars team on this internship?

“I wanted to work with the Chicago Scholars team on this internship because Chicago Scholars feels like home to me, thanks to the strong sense of community among the staff and the support given to every scholar and alumna.”

What are you excited to work on or learn during this internship?

“In this internship, I’m excited to learn about networking and building team bonds, and to gain firsthand experience in marketing to different ages and audiences while maintaining authenticity in the work I produce.”

Finally, what advice do you have for other students looking to start an internship?

“The advice I would give to other students looking for internships is to never think that you don’t have connections, resources, or support. Just knowing one person can be a valuable connection that helps you find an internship or provides advice to help you grow professionally and advance your career. Another piece of advice is that everything about yourself can be part of your resume. The small things you do at school can showcase your talents and work ethic in ways you might not realize!”