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At Chicago Scholars, our programs put our Scholars first, and our work culture puts our people first. Americans are currently in the midst of three pandemics right now: COVID-19, racial injustice, and mental health. In response, we have a hybrid work policy, flexible work arrangements, and generous PTO and sick leave. We want our employees to experience equitable and individualized support for their full, unique identities!

“You can be part of the change, of the good of Chicago…”

Jeffery Beckham Jr., CEO




We’re committed to pay equity and transparency. All of our job postings include a pay range, and we maintain a best-offer-first policy. 


We offer 75% employer-paid health, dental and vision packages, as well as fully-covered life insurance and short- and long-term disability insurance.

Paid Time Off

Employees start with 12 days of paid time off and 11 sick days, as well as 11 paid Federal holidays and a holiday shutdown in the week leading up to New Year. 


Employees have the option to create 403(b) accounts, matched up to 2% by Chicago Scholars.


At Chicago Scholars, we know that life outside of work rarely stays contained to the hours outside 9-5. Through flexible work arrangements, a hybrid work policy, and a deep commitment to the well-being of all employees, we give everyone a chance to care for themselves — and each other.




Submit your application, resume and cover letter. Your materials will be reviewed by the position’s hiring manager.

One-way interview

If the hiring manager decides to move forward with your application, you’ll be invited to participate in a SparkHire interview. These interviews consist of self-recorded, one-way videos. You’ll receive several questions and have one minute to answer each one, with the opportunity to re-record your answer if needed.

Individual Interview

If your application moves beyond the SparkHire stage, you’ll be invited to an individual interview with the hiring committee. This interview may be in person at our office (247 S. State Street, Chicago) or via Zoom. This is a traditional job interview, and you’ll have the chance to ask the committee any questions you may have.

Job simulation

The final round of interviews is the job simulation. A few days before your appointment, you’ll be asked to create a presentation based on a prompt from the hiring committee. The prompt might ask you to prioritize common tasks for the role, explain how you’d handle a management issue, or create an example of your work. There are no wrong or right answers — the idea is to show how you think. During your interview, you’ll give your presentation to the hiring team and answer questions about it.