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We believe that a college degree does more than change the course of a student’s life — it brings opportunities and new perspectives to their community, too. This is your gift at work.


Scholars admitted to the Class of 2027


Chicago Scholars Alumni since 1996


Of Chicago Scholars Alumni return to Illinois after college

Alberto’s Advice

It’s Okay to Fall….

But just know you can stand up and should stand up. We will be there to help pick yourself up and be your cheerleaders along the finish line.


77 communities from across Chicago have been represented by Scholars.


Scholars have represented 163 high schools across Chicago.


85% of Scholars have been first-generation college students.

Derrick’s Advice

It’s All About Elevation.

Chicago Scholars’ work is about more than education. We’re elevating unique stories and creating a path through school and beyond for our Scholars.


Chicago Scholars provided over $100,000 in Lifeline Emergency Funding to 138 Scholars who faced financial difficulties while in college during the 2021-2022 school year.


During the 2021-2022 school year, Chicago Scholars gave over $100,000 in Educational and Leadership Development Grants to 35 Scholars to fund study abroad, unpaid internships, research opportunities, and more.


83% of Chicago Scholars graduate college with less than $40,000 in student loans, compared to 55% of Black students, 81% of Latinx students, and 77% of multiracial students.