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Make Real Change

Our scholarship partners make a direct impact on individual Scholars’ lives. Through our unique scholarship management model, you or your organization can create singular opportunities for Scholars that work with you — whether you want to be hands-on or have us manage everything for you.

Fund a Scholarship

We appreciate all of the sponsors, companies, and organizations who have partnered with us to provide these opportunities for our Scholars. If you are interested in exploring opportunities to sponsor a scholarship for our students, please contact us at

Big numbers, bigger impact


In the 2022-2023 scholarship year, Chicago Scholars and our partners awarded more than $500,000 to 85 Scholars.

Designed just for Scholars

Exclusive opportunities

Thanks to our Scholarship Partners, Chicago Scholars scholarship initiatives provided more than 10 unique scholarship opportunities that are only open to Scholars — up from two opportunities in 2019. 

More than just a scholarship

Money for school, experience for life

Over half of our scholarship partners offer career development opportunities to their awardees, from internships to networking.

Marcum Scholarship

Recipients of the Marcum Scholarship have access to a paid internship in the accounting field.

Rusty Cohen Legacy Scholarship

Students awarded a Rusty Cohen Legacy Scholarship have access to a paid internship at Magid Glove and Safety after their first year in college.

Invenergy Scholarship

Invenergy offers career development opportunities to recipients of their scholarship.

Axel Hernandez, Loyola University Chicago ’25

If I can do it, it’s possible for everyone else

“I have enjoyed the ability to network and put myself out there thanks to the Elevating Futures Scholarship. I know that if I can do it it’s possible for everyone else too!”

Racheal Olujide, Generations Scholarship recipient

It was the first time that I felt accomplished, not only academically, but internally.

“Unlike the other scholarships I applied for, whose winners had been decided before the judges even read the first sentence of their personal essays, the Generations Scholarship committee made me feel that my essay finally spoke for me.” 

Cairo Yepez, Manuel and Pat Pulido Sanchez Legacy Scholarship recipient

Graduating debt-free

“I felt so proud telling my parents they wouldn’t have to pay for my education…I’m so thankful to the Sanchez scholarship for allowing me to graduate debt-free and focus on serving my community.”