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Generations Scholarship Recipients

Saul G.

2023 Generations Scholarship

Saul attended Jones College Prep where he took a heavy courseload of honors and AP classes. His accolades include honor roll and being named a National Hispanic Recognition Scholar. In addition to school, Saul is an avid athlete who has captained the varsity water polo team at Jones and participated in swimming, baseball, and soccer throughout high school. Outside of the classroom, he has been a soccer referee, lifeguard, babysitter, and worked at several restaurants. Saul is determined to continue his path to success and serve as both a role model and inspiration for Mexican American youth. Saul plans to major in business at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

Ahilyn N.

2023 Generations Scholarship

Ahilyn graduated from Sullivan High School where she took a variety of honors and college credit courses. She was a member of the Student Voice Council and assisted with the special needs education program during her free periods. Outside of school, Ahilyn works a part-time job to provide for herself, as much of her family lives in Mexico.  Ahilyn’s perseverance and strength comes from her knowledge that future generations will ultimately benefit from her experience. Ahilyn attends Loyola University Chicago and will major in marketing.