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Security Research: Internship Opportunities


Required Qualifications

  • Currently pursuing a Bachelor’s or Master’s Degree in Statistics, Mathematics, Computer Science or related field
  • Have at least one additional quarter/semester of school remaining following the completion of the internship.


The base pay range for this internship is USD $5,090 – $10,120 per month. There is a different range applicable to specific work locations, within the San Francisco Bay area and New York City metropolitan area, and the base pay range for this role in those locations is USD $6,690 – $11,030 per month.


Certain roles may be eligible for benefits and other compensation. Find additional benefits and pay information here:




  • Begin to analyze threat trends and anomalies to determine operational impact.
  • Determine vectors that introduce threat and potential mitigation strategies. Learn about systemic security issues and how to address them.
  • Process threat reporting from internal and external sources. Provide discrete threat data based on intelligence requirements or customer requests.
  • Identify security defects or vulnerabilities and deficiencies in security guidance.
  • Contribute code to technical implementation and automation of solutions to address security issues, such as signature detection, malware, threat analysis, or reverse engineering. Use results from research and experimentation to support architecture or product direction.
  • Identify areas of dependency and overlap with other teams or team members. Provide constructive input so the work is integrated and timely. Communicate the status of deliverables and dependencies to meet schedule.
  • Engage in measures to protect tools, techniques, information, and results of security practices. Respond to incidents for systems or products as needed. Use results of pen testing to improve products and services.