Welcome, Class of 2022!



Meet the new Class of 2022

We officially welcomed more than 620 new Scholars into the Class of 2022 at the New Scholar Orientation this weekend (June 3 - 4).  In addition to attending workshops at the all-day orientation, Scholars met their counselors, mentors and the students in their small group cohorts who they will be working with all year.

About the Class of 2022

The Class of 2022 is our largest class ever, and just as academically-driven, ambitious, and diverse as our other classes. The Class of 2022 represent 106 unique Chicago high schools and 72 community areas.  Their average unweighted GPA is 3.69 and their average weighted GPA is 4.31.


95% of Class of 2022 Scholars attend a Chicago Public School


87% of Class of 2022 Scholare are first-generation college students


45% Hispanic/Latino
33% Black/African American
9% Asian
7% Multi-racial/other
6% White

New Student Orientation in Pictures

Check out our Facebook page later this week for many more photos!