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Our Partners

We can’t achieve our vision for the future of Chicago alone. Through strong partnerships with key organizations, schools, universities, businesses, and community leaders in every sector, we’re always finding new ways to better serve our Scholars, their families, and everyone else in the Chicago Scholars community. 

Four Ways to Partner

College Partners

Nearly 150 colleges and universities across the country participate at Onsite and provide additional support to Scholars.

Civic Partners

Civic Partners are members of the Chicagoland community and beyond that support our mission and believe in the unique strengths of our Scholars.

Corporate Partners

Corporate Partners invest in our city’s future leaders by providing career opportunities, engaging with our Scholars as they explore career paths, and offering financial support and volunteers to our organization.

Community Partners

We help students from other organizations access many of the benefits we provide our Scholars.
Partner with us

Platinum College Partners

Colleges and universities who commit to our highest tier of partnership are considered Platinum Partners

As Platinum Partners, the schools commit to the following:

  • Meeting 100% of demonstrated financial need through graduation for Scholars

  • Sponsoring a campus visit prior to an admitted Scholar confirming enrollment

  • Providing an on-campus liaison for Scholars



College Partners

Chicago Scholars officially partners with nearly 150 colleges and universities across the nation. We join with schools who are aligned with our core values and mission and are committed to supporting underrepresented, first-generation, and low-income students.


Community Partners

Chicago Scholars partners with community-based organizations to collectively impact high-potential, underserved students in Chicago. Through our combined efforts, CBO Scholars gain access to Chicago Scholars’ resources and events, such as the Scholars College Fair, First Look Career Conference & Fair, and our annual Onsite College and Leadership Forum.

Chicago Scholars is committed to establishing a strong network of relationships and believes such partnerships are invaluable to the success of Chicago students. 

Jeff Beckham speaks to a group of Chicago Scholars supporters.

Corporate Partners

Chicago Scholars partners with businesses and corporations to inspire our students to dream big. These partners provide funding, internship opportunities, and other resources like job shadows, resume assistance, and other events.

High Five and High Impact Partners