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Chicago Scholars Emerge May Career Partner Highlight

May Career Partner Highlight:

Magid Glove & Safety

We’re just a few days away from the start of our Emerge Summer Career & Leadership Program – and we’re continuing our series of spotlights on several of our incredible Emerge Career Partners, the companies and organizations that make our Emerge internships possible. For each, we’ll give you a special look at what called them to partner with us, tell stories of their Scholar interns – and maybe inspire you and your company to partner too!

Our Chicago Scholars May Emerge Career Partner Highlight of the Month is Magid Glove & Safety, a revolutionary and family-owned force in PPE Manufacturing that’s been keeping workers safe for four generations! Based in Romeoville, Magid partners with Chicago Scholars to offer the Rusty Cohen Legacy Scholarship Fund, which includes an internship component, and has hosted several Emerge interns over the years. We talked with Gigi Cohen, Executive Vice President of Magid, about the company’s commitment to our Scholars.

Firstly, why did you choose to partner with Chicago Scholars?

In 2021, we wanted to offer a scholarship to honor the memory of Rusty Cohen, a family leader who had been actively involved in working with students from under-resourced communities to help them get into and graduate from college.  We researched a number of organizations and felt the Chicago Scholars programming best aligned with our vision.”

To continue, why did Magid choose to go beyond just supporting Chicago Scholars as a scholarship funder, but to sponsor an intern as part of the Emerge program?

The Rusty Cohen Legacy Scholarship includes a summer internship as part of the scholarshipWe felt including the intern in the Emerge program would further enhance the internship experience. 

What is Magid looking to accomplish through your internship program?

“There is a shortage of professionals in the Environmental, Health & Safety industryWe are hoping to raise awareness of the EH&S industry and the various professions availableIn addition, we are hoping to broaden our interns understanding of the wide variety of business careers that are available. Lastly, we are hoping to provide future leaders of Chicago with insight into the world of business.”

What qualities does Magid look for in potential Emerge interns and scholarship recipients? 

As with any Magid team member, we are looking for motivated, smart, creative and curious people. Chicago Scholars are a great fit because they have demonstrated high academic performance, leadership potential and initiative.”

Finally, what are your hopes for the young adults of Chicago?

Like the Chicago Scholars team, we believe that a college degree does more than change the course of a student’s life – it brings opportunities and new perspectives to their community, tooWe are hoping to help develop the future leaders of Chicago!”

Inspired by Magid’s work with our Scholars? Head here to learn more about becoming a partner with us!