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Chicago Scholars Emerge July Career Partner Highlight

July Career Partner Highlight:

Radio Flyer

There’s just over two more weeks until our Emerge Summer Career & Leadership Program closing ceremony – and we’re continuing our series of spotlights on several of our incredible Emerge Career Partners, the companies and organizations that make our Emerge internships possible. For each, we’ll give you a special look at what called them to partner with us, tell stories of their Scholar interns – and maybe inspire you and your company to partner too!

Our July Emerge Career Partner Highlight of the Month is Radio Flyer, the company behind the iconic red wagon, which has more recently expanded to so much more. With their headquarters right here on the West Side of Chicago, Radio Flyer has partnered with Chicago Scholars to host several Emerge interns over the years, as well as hosting yearly Growth Labs at their Radio Flyer Campus. We talked with Lisa Cockrell, lead of Diversity, Inclusion, and Belonging at Radio Flyer, about the company’s commitment to our Scholars.

Firstly, why did you choose to partner with Chicago Scholars?

Radio Flyer chose to partner with Chicago Scholars because of the awesome work and opportunities that they provide to Chicago youth. When we first were introduced to Chicago Scholars through a volunteer opportunity at the annual college Onsite event, there was synergy among, parents, students, business partners, colleges/university partners, and the Chicago Scholars team that was unparalleled. What Chicago Scholars has cultivated for Chicago youth is something great and Radio Flyer wanted to be a part of that work.” 

To continue, why did you choose to specifically support the Emerge Program as a Career Partner and Growth Lab Host? 

Radio Flyer recognizes that the students of Chicago Scholars are some of the best and brightest in the Chicagoland area. As a best places to work company we want to support these students as they matriculate through their college journey.”

What is Radio Flyer looking to accomplish through your internship program?

“Our internship program is a direct pipeline to full-time employment at Radio Flyer. Currently, about 30% of our full-time employees were previous interns.”

What can Emerge Interns plan to experience and learn about at Radio Flyer’s Growth Lab? 

“Through the Radio Flyer Growth Lab, Emerge Interns will learn professional development skills that will help them become more self-aware, confident and be able to solicit and give feedback. They will tour our Chicago offices and be able to talk with Flyers (employees) in various professional disciplines.”

Finally, what are your hopes for the young adults of Chicago?

Our hope for the young adults of Chicago is that they will have equal access to opportunities for success without systematic barriers. In addition, we hope that young adults find a workplace where they can say, “I love my job.”

Inspired by Radio Flyer’s work with our Scholars? Head here to learn more about becoming a partner with us!