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Scholarship Category: Exclusive Scholarships

SBB Research Group STEM Scholarship

The SBB Research Group STEM Scholarship encourages and empowers students to create significant value and countless new opportunities for society through their pursuit of higher learning, especially through interdisciplinary combinations of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM)

Open to current full-time college students and graduate students

One-time awards of $2,500

Rolling deadlines

Rusty Cohen Legacy Scholarship

The Rusty Cohen Legacy Scholarship Fund aims to ensure that young adults with an interest in careers in Environmental Health and Safety pursue their dreams of going to and graduating from college.

Award includes access to a summer internship after the recipient’s first year of college.

Want to learn more? 
Join Magid Glove and Safety for a fun and interactive event on February 9th, 2024 that will introduce you to the rewarding field of Environmental Health & Safety (EHS), as well as other exciting careers.  It’s also a great opportunity to learn about the scholarship as you prepare your application!

Learn more and register here:


Meet the most recent recipients of the Rusty Cohen Legacy Scholarship here.

Marcum Scholarship

Marcum LLP is a national accounting and advisory services firm dedicated to helping entrepreneurial, middle-market companies and high net worth individuals achieve their goals. Marcum offers a complete spectrum of tax, assurance, and advisory services. Marcum’s industry-focused practices offer deep insight and specialized services to privately held and publicly registered companies, and nonprofit and social sector organizations.

The Marcum Scholarship Fund serves to build the pipeline of diverse accountants by providing financial assistance to accounting majors from underrepresented groups who plan to become CPAs.

In addition, scholarship recipients will receive an internship and other engagement opportunities (mentorship, involvement in associate resource groups etc.) with Marcum.

Requirements: An eligible student must be/have:

  • At full-time undergraduate student; must be at least a sophomore.

  • Declared Accounting as their major.

  • Overall GPA of at least 3.0.

  • Involvement in at least one extracurricular activity.

  • Have not accepted full time employment at another accounting firm for after graduation

  • A participant in the Chicago Scholars program.

Manjie Sikdar Scholarship

This scholarship was created to honor the life of Manjie Sikdar, in the hopes that her love and dedication can help others flourish. By creating this scholarship, the Sikdar family aims to bring opportunity to an individual who exhibits the ideals that Manjie’s family has always believed in: hard work, passion, and commitment.

Applicants are required to demonstrate commitment to some aspect of the performing arts.

Meet our most recent recipients of the Manjie Sikdar Memorial Scholarship here.

Invenergy Scholarship

Invenergy is a leading privately held, global developer and operator of sustainable energy solutions, and has developed 190 wind, solar, natural gas, and energy storage projects across four continents. The Invenergy Scholarship was created to support students in their pursuit of a career in the renewable energy industry. As renewable energy becomes increasingly necessary in our society, Invenergy hopes to encourage the next generation of innovators, scientists, engineers, technologists, and business professionals who will contribute to the clean energy future.

The Invenergy Scholarship will provide support of $5,000 per year to a student pursuing a 4-year college or university degree with the hopes of entering the renewable energy industry. This scholarship is not exclusive to students pursuing a career in STEM, as careers in the renewable energy industry can span to career paths such as Human Resources, Accounting, Marketing, Communications, etc. and all students interested are welcome to apply.

The award provides four years of financial support and access to career development opportunities.

Eligible students must be rising first-year college students and current participants in the Chicago Scholars program. Eligible students must have a GPA of at least 3.0, a good attendance record, and demonstrate interest pursuing a career in the field of renewable energy. To learn more about Invenergy and the work they’re doing across the globe, click here.

Meet our most recent recipients of the Invenergy Scholarship here.

Generations Scholarship

The Generations Scholarship was established in recognition of the support and financial impact that previous generations had on the donors’ ability to attend college; its goal is to help to initiate a cascade effect of college attendance for the scholarship recipient and his or her future generations.

The mission of the Generations Scholarship is to support academically motivated, hard-working, ambitious students who demonstrate a significant financial gap with regard to financing their college education.

Meet our most recent recipients of the Generations Scholarship here.

The Elevating Futures Scholarship Fund

The Elevating Futures Scholarship Fund’s mission is to aid qualified Chicago Public School students from low-income households in pursuing a Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) four-year college degree and launching a career in the construction or engineering industries. 

This innovative partnership from the Chicago Transit Authority, Walsh-Fluor Design Build Team, and Chicago Scholars will provide college scholarships and mentoring supports, along with access to career development opportunities, to guide students in launching careers in the construction and engineering industries.

Eligible students must be enrolled in a CPS or CPS-supported high school and currently part of the Chicago Scholars program. Eligible students must also be enrolled in STEM coursework, have a GPA of at least 3.0, and a good attendance record.

Meet our most recent Elevating Futures Scholarship recipients here.

Chicago Cubs Scholars

The Cubs Scholars program partners with Chicago Scholars to support a cohort of Scholars within our program, providing financial contributions and mentorship designed to promote academic achievement and post-secondary educational advancement.

Students are recommended for Cubs Scholars by Cubs Charities nonprofit partners during their junior year of high school as they apply to the Chicago Scholars program.

Meet some of our recent Cubs Scholars here.